Tracey Mortensen

Executive Director

Tracey holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. She is the owner of Inspiring Actions Yoga & Wellness Center, which she founded in Hudson, WI, in 2008. In 2019, Inspiring Actions added a second location in River Falls, WI.

In her own words: What brought you to yoga, Tracey?

“In my life before Inspiring Actions, I worked as a mortgage broker and, to be honest, I was miserable. I was looking to find any sort of release from the stress and anxiety of my job, and that’s when I found yoga. What happened through my journey with yoga was, in every sense of the word, life-changing.”

Lucy Pirner


Lucy has a master’s degree in counseling and extensive continuing education in trauma, spirituality, mind-body medicine, and somatics. She was a founding board member of the Starry Night Collective, which provides grants and support services for the arts to programs serving students with disabilities.

In her own words: What brought you to yoga, Lucy?

“I entered the world of yoga and meditation in 1999 in search of a cure for my own depression and anxiety. Decades later, I now have firsthand experience in the profound healing effects of yoga.”

Kelsey Kaufman

Vice President

Kelsey is the co-owner and co-founder of Encompass Birth & Wellness, a pregnancy, birth, and early post-partum doula service. She is also the office manager for Inspiring Actions Yoga in River Falls and Hudson.


In her own words: What brought you to yoga, Kelsey?

My first yoga class was to fill a college P.E. credit. The instructor was nine months pregnant, and I was so impressed that she was able to continue to practice yoga. At this time, my husband and I were going through a 4-year fertility struggle, so I thought yoga might help. I googled yoga classes near me, and Tracey’s Yoga 101 came up. I signed up and loved it! I was the nerdy person getting there early and sitting in the front of the class taking notes. Besides increasing my strength and flexibility, yoga taught me how to breathe in a way that is beneficial to my body and overactive mind. My stress and anxiety levels lowered. I tried meditation for the first time. Two months after completing Yoga 101, I found myself pregnant, which led to our first full-term pregnancy and successful birth of our oldest daughter.

Kelsey Kaufman

Sam Foster


Sam is a RN with a master’s degree in transcultural and community health nursing with certifications in health, wellness, and functional nutrition coaching. She works at Hudson Hospital as an employee health nurse and at St. Catherine University as an adjunct professor in clinical nursing. Mostly recently, she opened her own health coaching business, Fostering Wellness, LLC.

In her own words: What brought you to yoga, Sam?

I began practicing yoga as a complement to distance running. The more I practiced, the more I learned about myself, my ego, and the way deep-seated pain would seep up through my tissues. By learning about yoga’s history and philosophies, I was able to utilize this remarkable science to overcome and work through past traumas. I was immediately interested in finding ways that yoga and nursing synergistically brought about healing, which influenced the development of my nurse-provided health and wellness coaching business.

Sam Foster

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