Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga changes lives.

Community is everything.

We help yoga teachers, health workers, schools, and yoga studios bring yoga to those in need.

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The mission of the Abundant Yoga Community is to reach people who might have limited access to commercial yoga studios due to financial or geographical constraints.

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A strong yoga community to help people experience the benefits of yoga.

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When you join to the Abundant Yoga Community through a one-time donation or a sustaining membership, your financial contribution directly delivers the benefits of yoga to another person. It expands the number of participants in the “That’s what it was like for me!” conversation, and it creates connections.

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Abundant Yoga Community

About our River Falls yoga community

For every person who has ever stepped foot on a yoga mat, there was something that brought them there. It could’ve been a doctor’s recommendation or a friend’s urging. Maybe it was an effort to heal a physical or mental injury or even something as simple as curiosity.

Even more important was the reason we chose to stay. Those who stayed—who continue to come to their mat over the days, weeks, months, and years—know that there is something magical in this practice. We often struggle to define it, yet when we talk about it with others, there is a sense of community.

“Yes! That’s what it was like for me!”

“Wow. Me too!”

“That’s so similar to my story!”

Tracey Mortensen founded Inspiring Actions Yoga & Wellness Center in Hudson, WI, in 2008. The steadily growing business afforded her the opportunity to observe and interact with students from all different walks of life. She saw, however, that there were people and groups who were underrepresented in the yoga community.
Tracey was, and continues to be, energized by the transformative power of yoga, but as a business owner, she was acutely aware of the limitations of a for-profit business. “There are no boundaries to the benefits,” Tracey knew, “but how do we surmount the barriers to access?” She wanted to give back to her community and realized that the most effective way to facilitate this goal was via a non-profit.

The Abundant Yoga Community was officially registered in the state of Wisconsin in 2019. With the education and the knowledge to make an impact, the Abundant Yoga Community strives to improve lives through the power of yoga because it knows these principles to be true:

Yoga is for everyone.
Yoga changes lives.
Community is everything.

commit to Spreading health and wellness

Embrace Community.
Transform Lives.

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