A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

As a newcomer to yoga, it’s not uncommon to feel intimidated by the other students in the class and assume that they’re all seasoned practitioners who have mastered the practice. You may find yourself making comparisons and assuming that they possess advanced skills, are well-connected with the instructor, and have the best yoga gear. This […]

6 Tips to Who-Who-You Your Way to Less Holiday Stress

By Erin Austin In what seems like a lifetime ago, I worked part-time in a retail clothing store. Despite retail not being my favorite job, I still can’t forget our holiday “Who-Who-You” sales strategy: “Who are you shopping for?” “Who else is on your list?” “What about you?” When it comes to holiday season stress, […]

5 Tips to Establish a Regular Yoga Practice

restorative yoga

By Erin Austin “I want to practice yoga more, but I just can’t seem to find the time!” How many times have we said this ourselves or heard it from others? Countless, I’m sure! We never seem to have enough time, and practices that benefit our health and well being often bear the brunt of […]

Service Doesn’t Recognize Distance

By Erin Austin “Wait…you’re on a board of an organization several states away? How does that work?” The answer is simple: When it’s an idea you believe in and people whose dreams and expertise you trust, geography isn’t a barrier. Let me back up a little bit… In 2009, I joined Inspiring Actions (Hudson) as […]